Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner are founding directors of Pilgrim Projects, an education consultancy specialising in healthcare quality improvement.
Tony and Pip established the Patient Voices Programme to communicate patients’, carers’ and clinicians’ experiences to designers and deliverers of healthcare, and to support and enrich the development of ‘delightful’ learning.
Pip Hardy has a degree in English Literature, an MSc in Lifelong Learning, and many years’ experience developing and consulting on open and distance learning materials from conception to delivery. Pip's post-graduate work includes adult education, learning strategies, group work and counselling. She was recently elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, and is currently investigating the impact of the Patient Voices digital stories for her PhD at Cardiff University.

Tony Sumner is a physics graduate with a PgD in astronomy and astronautics and twenty years' experience in the computer industry where he has been involved in software development, quality assurance and testing, and project management as well as the development and delivery of support systems and technical training programmes. Tony sits on the Cambridgeshire Community Services Patient Focus Committee. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1989 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce in 2008.
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